Friday, February 1, 2008


Wednesday, January 30

This afternoon, Guo-Yen was going to pick up Mei-Jen (his wife) at her parents' house. I decided to go along. Guo-Yen asked if I had my camera since we would see a temple.

Mei-Jen's parents live in a new house. We met her parents there and a niece. After eating some fruit and drinking some juice, we walked to the local temple. Mei-Jen's mother did not come along. Wow! This is something you need to see in person to truly appreciate. The details are incredible. Wood and stone carvings are everywhere. There is a main building with a large stove outside for burning paper money. Whatever is burned can go to the Gods or Ancestors for their use in heaven.


Guo-Yen, Mei-Jen and her father lit incense and prayed. They spent a lot of time explaining things to me. The niece is learning English and acted as our interpretor. Mei-Jen also speaks some English. They showed me where their names are carved right into the wall.


I took a lot of photos inside and then went outside while they burned the paper money.


They brought fruit and paper money for offerings. They said I could take photos inside and out. Apparently Mei-Jen's father had a lot to do with the planning and building of this temple. He went to mainland China to get some of the materials.

Dragon on the Roof

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