Friday, February 1, 2008


Thursday, January 31

Late this afternoon Dad and I took Joy to the park across the street so she could play. After a while some other kids came and Joy tried to play with them. I heard Joy calling herself “English Girl” in English. I think she heard them say that in Chinese. She was talking to them in English. They were not responding, at least not in English. I don’t think they knew Joy could speak Chinese. I urged Joy to speak Chinese to them, but she didn’t. Or at least she only did a little bit.

There were quite a few people in the park. Some were walking laps on a circular walkway. Others were playing checkers, or some other board game, or watching the games. I saw one man teaching another man some type of ballroom dancing.

While Joy was playing, an older gentleman came up to Dad and I and started a conversation. I use that term loosely. We seemed to understand each other enough. He eventually told us he is 85 years old. He looked very fit and spry.


Cavatica said...

I wonder why Joy wouldn't speak Chinese with the children?

wofungla said...

I couldn't figure that out either. Most of the time here she is going on and on in Chinese with everyone.