Saturday, February 2, 2008


Saturday, February 2

On my first trip to Taiwan we went on a hike to see monkeys. Dad did not go along. On our last trip here, we took Dad on a hike near there, but not exactly the same place. We only saw a few monkeys from the car. This time I wanted to take Dad to the place he missed on our first trip. After a small amount of searching, Guo-Yen found the same place. It starts out with concrete ramps and steps and turns in to all wood walkways and steps. Some parts are a little steep. (But they are nothing like the hike from the last trip!)

We hiked upwards for a long while without seeing any monkeys. It was getting hot. Every once in a while I heard a loud hooting sound. I couldn’t tell if it was a monkey or a man. Finally HL suggested we turn around. Just then 3 monkeys came out of the woods and jumped up on the walkway. They scampered past us and headed down the trail. I got a few photos, but they were all blurry. Then we heard the hooting again. It was a man who had just passed us heading up the walk. He was calling the monkeys! He was about 50 feet ahead of us. Suddenly a few more monkeys appeared. They ran right past us, giving me another chance for photos. Then a lot of monkeys started appearing around the man. He led them off the path and down a trail into the woods.

The Monkey Whisperer

I knew we were ready to leave, but I just wanted to take a look down that trail. I walked up the where the man and monkeys left the trail. A monkey came out of the woods and started slowly coming towards us. I quickly sat down on a step and started photographing him/her. This monkey was somewhat big. I was glued to the camera and was taking a lot of shots. When I stopped and lowered the camera, I was shocked to see that the monkey was only about 3 feet from me. HL was holding Joy and standing with Guo-Yen just a few feet away from him also.

We saw a few more monkeys as we walked back down. I was not at all disappointed that we didn’t make it to the top. I was just happy we got Dad there and that I got some monkey photos. We might even go back sometime later during this trip. There are other trails to explore.


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We think that monkey near us was the rear guard. We had a similar thing happen the first time we saw monkeys. We got to see them climb up to their caves where they sleep. One monkey came over and kept his eyes on us the whole time. He was on the ground and we were on the walkway. I wonder what would have happened if one of us had stepped down from the walkway towards their caves.