Saturday, February 2, 2008


Friday, February 1

Dad got approached by a little boy in the mall today. First he asked Dad how tall he is. Then he came back and asked where he is from. Then he came back and asked for a photo with Dad. After each answer he would run back to his parents and talk to them. The same thing happened to Joy and I. Some girls, maybe early high school age, asked for a photo.

I was taking photos of Mama and Baba and Mei-Jen and Guo-Yen. HL said they wanted a photo of me. As I walked over, they said “mei-mei”, “little sister”, and pointed to Joy. They wanted Joy, not me. When we got Joy to go over to them, they asked me to come over too. Maybe so I could corral Joy since she was not cooperating very much. Later I saw them again taking pictures of her. Joy was very popular here on our last trip. While she still gets looks, she doesn’t seem to be attracting quite as much attention this time.

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