Saturday, February 9, 2008

More Cheng Ching Lake

I read about a wetland area around Cheng Ching Lake and asked to go there. Kevin and Hui-Jen took Dad and I there while HL and Joy were visiting friends.

I thought I saw it on previous trips past the lake. I pointed it out as we drove past it, but Kevin didn't think that was it. After driving around looking for it for a while we went to the Three Pagodas to walk a little and ask for directions. We also asked at a road side food stand. Eventually we ended up at a youth center across the street from the lake. It is run by the KMT, one of the political parties in Taiwan. We saw a fighter jet that Kevin remembers from his childhood.
Those of you with a keen eye may have already noticed the Kirkland chips from Costco.
There was an obstacle course, a seated zip line, camping, wall climbing and a suspension bridge. I wanted to try the zip line, but I weigh too much. *@$%! I went across the suspension bridge instead. There was a small child and an adult ahead of me going very slowly so I decided to wait until they were almost across before I would start. While I was waiting 3 or 4 small kids came up and started across. Halfway across 2 of them started coming back. I'm glad I waited for them too. I finally got across. It was not very high, it had a safety net, and it was above water, so it was not scary. It was fun.

Finally we found the wetlands and walked around. I had read that there were many birds there during the winter, but we only saw a few, like this egret.