Saturday, February 9, 2008


Here's another place I read about on the internet before we came to Taiwan.

I had actually forgotten about it when I was told we were going there. We went on Sunday the 10th.

It takes about 2 hours of driving to get there. We first stopped at the Maolin National Scenic Area Visitor Center. I walked across a nearby suspension bridge. Then Kevin, Guo-Yen and Dad brought Joy out onto the bridge. She wanted to walk across too.

The floor of the bridge was made of sheets of metal, about 4' x 8'. They buckled. As people walked across the bridge, we could hear the metal sheets banging down to the supports.

Then we spent some time exploring the river bed. The water level was very low.

the Dragon's Neck and Back

After a second stop at the river, we went to Dragon Head Mountain. I couldn't gt myself into a good position to get a photo to show it well. It looks like a dragon lying on the ground with his head down. There is a path to a small pavilion on the top of the head. We climbed it.


Cavatica said...

That dragon neck and back is very cool! Are you coming home soon?

wofungla said...

Dad and I will be home sometime late Saturday or early Sunday morning.