Saturday, February 16, 2008

It's an adventure, uh, yeah, that's it...

Dad and I left Taiwan around 8:20 am on Saturday. When we checked in we noticed that our flight went to Dallas instead of Chicago. When we got to Japan we had to check in again to get our remaining boarding passes. I asked why it said Dallas and was told "sit over there and wait, it may take some time to figure this out". It didn't take too long. Our Chicago flight had been cancelled.

So we flew from Japan to Dallas/Fort Worth. The flight had a few rough spots, but nothing really bad. Near the end of the flight the captain came on the PA and told us he would like to say we are about 30 minutes away from Dallas. But he couldn't. He had just made a 90 degree turn to avoid a storm. He said we might have to circle for a while. If we stayed up too long, we would need to refuel in San Antonio. We circled for about 1 hour before landing. That was rough! As we touched down we shook back and forth a little. I thought we were going to tip over!

Once we got inside we had to wait in an enormous line for immigration. Luckily this line moved quickly, but we got pulled aside by customs for a check. They x-rayed all of our luggage and hand checked one of them. We now had about 15 minutes to re-check our luggage, find our gate and board. That's when we found out that our flight to Baltimore had been cancelled too! We were told we had 3 choices. Try to get on the next flight to Baltimore via standby, try a Washington airport, or try again tomorrow. Whatever we choose, our luggage was going to Baltimore on the next flight. I wanted to be on the same flight to the same ariport as our luggage, so we opted for staying the night and flying Sunday morning. After we waited in line for a few minutes an airport worker told us to go upstairs and get in another line at another gate. This ended up being a shorter line of people, but it was moving at a snails pace. We eventually got booked on an early flight and got a distressed traveller rate on a hotel. AA made the reservation for us.

After we dropped our stuff at the hotel (via the hotel shuttle) we walked to a nearby steak joint. What a great steak! We also had a spinach/crab/cheese dip.

We're going to call it an early night. Our shuttle leaves at 4:30 am.

Tomorrow is going to be a great travellinng day.

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Cavatica said...

Oh yuck! I'm glad Joy isn't with you for this trip. I hope H-L and Joy fair better on their trip home. Let us know when you get here!