Friday, February 1, 2008


Friday, February 1

We’ve been having either egg cake or fan tuan for breakfast every day. Egg cake is a beaten egg, fried flat with a soft tortilla-like disk on top. After it’s been cooked a while, it’s turned over and cooked some more. It can be plain or have ham, bacon or other things inside. It is usually served with a salty sauce. They are delicious.

Fan tuan is a stick of rice with things inside. Usually there is some fried egg and pork powder with some pickled vegetable. There is also a deep fried stick of dough on the inside.

Breakfast today was a traditional Taiwanese dish called wa gui.

It’s steamed rice powder with pork, black mushroom and fried scallions inside. It is sort of the consistency of pudding. There were many bowls of it on the table already. You choose a bowl and add a soy sauce mixture and some garlic, if you like. It was good. Hui-Ling and I finished Joy’s portion.

After breakfast we took Joy to the local elementary school to play on their playground. It’s winter break for the kids here, but there are still activities happening.

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