Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sight Seeing in Northern Taiwan - Part 6

The highlight of the day for me was going to Shifen to launch a sky lantern. There are a lot of lantern vendors on either side of the train tracks. You can pick a lantern and decorate it. The area smells like whatever combustible substance they are using. Once the lantern is decorated, you take it to the tracks under the guidance of a worker. He or she poses you with the lantern and takes photos with your camera if you like. The the lantern is lit and more photos are taken. A countdown is called, and you release your lantern. It soars into the sky quite quickly.

 As soon as we got to the tracks I was wondering if they we're live. Sure enough, we had to move at one point during the decoration to make way for a train. After launching our lantern, we took a train right through the same area. The station was only about 75 yards away.

We saw a frog on a tree just outside of the train station.

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