Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sight Seeing in Northern Taiwan - Part 1

Today was a very busy day. After breakfast in hotel restaurant, Joy and I went outside and took a few photos of the stream, the hotel, and a dragonfly. We heard a loud frog in a man made pond in front of hotel. It sounded like barking.

A driver picked us up for a sightseeing trip. We had a small van to ourselves. Joy was telling jokes to Kevin in English, which was very frustrating for him.

Our first stop was Yehliu Geopark on the North East coast. I had heard about it but didn't really know what to expect. The sights were fantastic. It was really hot so we used umbrellas for shade.

Remember to click on the photos if you want to see them larger.

Queens's Head

Another view of the Queen's Head, showing how it must be viewed from the correct angle.

I don't know what this is, but I saw a bunch of them running around. the body looked to be around and inch or two long.

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