Monday, June 7, 2010

Watch out!

Taiwan is full of gasoline scooters. China, or at least Shanghai, is full of electric bikes and scooters. It’s much quieter which is nice. It's also better smelling than all of those gas scooters, which are a bit like a bunch of lawn mowers going down the street. The only problem is hearing them coming. I almost got run over my first time crossing the street. I had not yet realized how much traffic laws there are suggestions instead of rules. Run a red light? No problem. Drive the wrong way down a one way street? Why not? Drive on the wrong side of the road? Let’s go! Walk out in front of moving traffic? How much more fun can you have? Many of the taxi drivers we rode with were quite aggressive. Nicer looking private cars tended to be a bit more cautious. I’ve been with aggressive taxi drivers in New York City, but this takes it to a new level.

There are plenty of gas and pedal powered vehicles here too.

Yes, that's a McDonald's in the background. Lot's of them here. And lots of KFC.


We saw a few different fleets of KFC delivery bikes.

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