Wednesday, June 30, 2010


After some confusion and exchanging of tickets, we took a high speed train from Shanghai Railway South Station to the city of Hangzhou. It was a 1-1/2 hour trip and I had a standing only ticket. I didn't find that out until we were almost on the train. I didn't know it was that long of a trip either. We waited a little in the Hangzhou train station while Mei-Jen arranged our return tickets, then we took a taxi van to a restaurant by West Lake.

We walked along the edge of the lake for a while.

We took a rest here. It was suggested that I should walk on ahead and they would catch up to me. I'm not sure how they thought that was going to work with Joy and a 1 year old along, but I jumped at the chance. I walked, and walked, and walked some more. Eventually it became apparant to me that there was no way they were going to catch me. I sat down and waited. Then I waited some more. I started to walk back and finally came upon some of them. The others had gone backwards looking for me, thinking they might have passed me.

We hired this gentleman to give us a ride around part of the lake. Guo-Yen and Mei-Jen didn't come along as there was not enough room in the boat.

Here's a boat following us near the end of our tour.

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